The skin disease that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells is known as Psoriasis. Due to psoriasis body, cells build up rapidly on the surface of the skin. The extra skin cell forms red patches and scales on the skin that are very itchy, dry and sometimes painful.  There are five main types of psoriasis plaque, inverse, pustular, gestate and erythroderma.  Psoriasis is typical presents as red patches with white scales on top. There is no cure for this disease, but you can manage psoriasis symptoms, such as quitting smoking, moisturizing and managing your stress. This disease is a long-lasting autoimmune disease (condition arising from an abnormal immune response to a normal body).

Symptoms of Psoriasis:

The symptoms and signs of psoriasis are different for everyone. Common signs and symptoms are.

Dry skin: If you feel your body skin is dry, cracked and sometimes bleed then this is one of the symptoms of this disease.

Itching: The other symptoms of psoriasis are burning or soreness of skin. This symptom may be very painful.

Red Patches: Sometimes your skin is covered with thick, silvery scales and becomes reddish, then this is symptoms of getting this disease.

Causes of getting psoriasis:

Psoriasis cause isn’t fully understood, but it is related to an immune system problem with T cells and other white blood cells (neutrophils) in a body. T-cells normally defend against foreign substances (bacteria or viruses) in your body. If you are infected by this disease, the T cells wrongly attack healthy skin cells for the purpose to heal a wound or to fight with bacteria or virus. Overactive “T cells” increased the production of healthy skin cells, this causing redness in your skin.


Now we discuss the factors of getting psoriasis in your skin. These factors may increase the risk of getting psoriasis.


As we all know stress can directly impact our immune system, high level of stress may cause psoriasis. To avoid this disease, you must keep calm and healthy mind.

Family History:

If your parents have psoriasis once in a life, then this factor increases your risk of getting the disease. This factor is one of the significant risks to develop psoriasis.


Another factor of getting psoriasis is due to smoking tobacco. Tobacco may increase the level of different types of disease in your body like mouth cancer etc. Smoking of tobacco may play an important role in the initial development of the disease.

Medicines for treatment of Psoriasis:

There are various medications against psoriasis as skin disease. The most common and popular ones are “Prednisone” and “Daivonex” which are both available at an online store which we personally use for many years! For even more information from another neutral source read about Psoriasis wiki here…